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About ESM

We believe that every human has an extraordinary ability to push the limits of potential in health and performance.

Our mission is to empower people and organizations to reach their full potential through evidence-based stress management and performance strategies.


It is our vision to create healthier, happier workplaces free from the negative impacts of stress. 

Cross sectional view of iceberg with only small portion exposed in the air - Photo by Simon lee


Our team of Stress Experts is experienced in a variety of business and human performance domains, working closely with you and your team to understand your challenges and ensure success in every workplace.

Headshot of Dr Katherine Plewa

Katherine Plewa, PhD

Founder and CEO

As the CEO, Dr. Katherine is passionate about working with people and organizations to reach their full potential by mitigating workplace stress to improve performance. With a background in healthcare, a PhD in biomedical engineering, and a Master's in ergonomics, Dr. Katherine has worked with over 10,000 clients to reduce stress through innovative and evidence-based stress management strategies, focusing on reducing and recovering from stress.

Headshot of Daniel Baiguildine

Daniel Baiguildine

Chief Strategy Officer

Daniel (SuperDan) serves on the Board to help ESM with growth objectives, strategy and overall corporate development. Daniel is the president and founder of a company that is akin to an Amazon of Business to Business with aspirations to be a $1 trillion per annum company servicing businesses and governments worldwide as a global marketplace for businesses and governments via its unique Sales As A Service model.

Headshot of Pauly Plewa during presentation on stage

Pauly Plewa


Pauly is a co-founder and Chief Happiness and Motivation Person at ESM. He is a semi-professional auto racer, recovering paraplegic and motivational speaker, sharing his experiences of achieving top performance and overcoming challenges. He has a passion for winning championships and inspiring people and organizations to achieve success by improving mental fitness and resilience. 

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