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At Enterprise Stress Management, our purpose is to create a healthier, happier future by helping our clients combat workplace stress and improve performance.

Take a look at the case studies of just some of the projects our teams have delivered for our clients. 


Proactively identifying and managing work stress to improve work performance for project managers and on site coordinators.

High rise condos under development with construction cranes


Complementing existing employee programs with tailored solutions to improve performance for on site and remote workers.

Photo of distillery manufacturing site


Meeting challenging times with proactive stress management training to maintain performance and client satisfaction.

Person holding lightbulb in sunset - Image by Diego PH


Empowering healthcare professionals to build resilience and deliver quality care through digital health solutions.

Nurse taking patient through hospital hallway


Proactively addressing stress and challenges during transition periods to maintain performance and productivity levels.

Photo of insurance policy document - Image by Vlad Deep

Stress Research

Developing biometrics and digital tools to proactively monitor and prevent stress and maintain performance in various high stress industries.

Lab tech looking at specimen through microscope - Image by National Cancer Institute



The negative impacts of Workplace Stress can have detrimental impacts on key performance metrics and your bottom line.

We've proudly partnered with leading Silicon Valley start-up, Mobana Cloud Analytics, which is lead by its Founder and President, Venki Vykunta, who participates in rolling out our cloud analytics platform within our clients' environments. Mobana Software is able to take data from any system, any database, and aggregate this data into one cloud analytics platform, giving you real-time visibility into how stress is affecting your organization. Mobana Cloud Analytics is powered by Amazon Web Services and fully complies with all HIPPA and similar healthcare requirements. 

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