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Helping healthcare organizations improve performance

We work with the healthcare industry

to improve employee performance.

Employee Performance

We work with the Departmental Directors and the Management as part of an Overall Performance Improvement Program where we focus on issues you’ve identified that result in lost profits. Examples include upskilling, turnover, cost overruns, quality of care, patient satisfaction, or any other problems that stem from lack of employee performance.

This applies to nurses, clinicians, technicians and technologists, therapists, social workers, registration staff and other support staff.

We work with the Management to create Tailored Training Programs around those issues and then deliver that training remotely in 1:1 meetings with your employees for less than half the price of hiring someone to be on site, and outside of working hours.

9 out of 10
managers don't have the time to invest into training their employees to improve work performance

2 to 4%
lost annually in patient reimbursements for low-performing providers and missed performance objectives 

+40 hours
of manager time saved per month when working with ESM to help your employees meet their work objectives

How many people are meeting performance expectations?

What is poor performance costing your organization?

How many people could benefit from
1:1 support?


"ESM offers session attendees a safe space to share their thoughts and feeling while also learning new information and useful tips. The data gathered in the Stress Pulse was also a huge asset to the leadership team a direct understanding of where we needed to focus our attention.”

Sr. Director Human Resources

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