The negative impacts of Workplace Stress can have detrimental impacts on key performance metrics and your bottom line.

We've proudly partnered with leading Silicon Valley start-up, Mobana Cloud Analytics, which is lead by its Founder and President, Venki Vykunta, who participates in rolling out our cloud analytics platform within our clients' environments. Mobana Software is able to take data from any system, any database, and aggregate this data into one cloud analytics platform, giving you real-time visibility into how stress is affecting your organization. Mobana Cloud Analytics is powered by Amazon Web Services and fully complies with all HIPPA and similar healthcare requirements. 


Enterprise Stress Management Inc. is proud to be a member of the IBM Innovation Incubator Project by leveraging cutting edge IBM technologies, including Artificial Intelligence engines to help analyze, evaluate and assist in identifying key data points to better help our Stress Experts maximize their results for our client organizations.

Enterprise Stress Management is capable on delivering to both small and enterprise clients by leveraging IBM technical know-how, resources and technologies that are trusted by businesses for over a century. Enterprise Stress Management is proud and grateful to be part of IBM's investment.