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Meet the Team


Katherine Plewa, PhD

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Katherine is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESM. She is an Ergonomist and a Neuroscientist with a passion for optimizing both organizations and people for peak performance. She holds a Master's in Kinesiology and Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering with her research focusing on reducing and recovering from stress.


Pauly Plewa, CHAMP

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Pauly is a co-founder and Chief Happiness and Motivation Person at ESM. He is a semi-professional auto racer, recovering paraplegic and motivational speaker. He has a passion for winning championships and inspiring people and organizations to achieve success by improving mental fitness and resilience. 


Daniel Baiguildine

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Daniel (SuperDan) serves on the Board to help ESM with growth objectives, strategy and overall corporate development. Daniel is the president and founder of a company that is akin to an Amazon of Business to Business with aspirations to be a $1 trillion per annum company servicing businesses and governments worldwide as a global marketplace for businesses and governments via its unique Sales As A Service model.


Mikoya Innocent Prosper

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Mike is a VP of Business Development at ESM. With an MSc in Geology, he is diligent, focused, organized, eager to learn and he takes on any challenge. He works with clients across US, Canada, Europe and Africa to identify the best stress management strategies to handle their internal operations with a level of confidence that is unmatched. 



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Brandon is a Stress Expert and  leader in movement therapies. Brandon works with an integrative team of multidisciplinary health practitioners to provide stress management to various high stress industries, including athletes, executives, and various clients who are looking to optimize health and performance by moving better, both in the workplace and in life.


Dr. Diana Liu, DDS

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Dr. Diana is a Stress Expert and dentist with a focus on dental sleep medicine. Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra Meditation, and optimizing Sleep have played pivotal roles in her personal wellness journey. This inspired her to become a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher as well as a Certified Sleep and Health Coach to share and support others in their healing through classes, retreats, coaching, and programs to restore health, balance, peace, and longevity.

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