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Enterprise Stress Management - How can we help your company?
Enterprise Stress Management

Enterprise Stress Management - How can we help your company?


Stress: a workforce crisis

Stress is defined as a feeling of worry and unhappiness caused by physical, psychological, environmental or social situations, that can lead to both physical and mental consequences that negatively impact organizational performance and output.

3 in 4

Employees report higher stress levels

Prevalence is on the rise globally, not only affecting those who struggle and their families, but also impacting communities and the workplace at large. Stigma is still a reality, with surveys reporting that nearly half of people struggling with stress are not talking about it. 


Of workers are impacted by stress in the workplace

And 40% of workers report extremely stressful workplace environments. Stress not only diminishes workplace productivity and performance, but when left unmanaged, it is the leading cause of anxiety and depression.


Lost on absenteeism, annually

On average, North American employees miss 10 work days annually, with rates steadily increasing. The World Health predicts that by 2020, depression will be the primary cause of workplace absenteeism. 

Our Solution

ESM will identify, monitor, and mitigate workplace stress using tech-based stress eliminations solutions. Our team of experts will review current stress management programs, identify opportunities for improvement, and establish data driven, evidence-based solutions. 



We will implement our evidence-based solutions to reduce organizational stress via our team of Stress Experts through education, training and counselling.



We will review root causes of stress, and their correlating influences on organizational performance based on direct research and stress data analytics.



We will provide tailored stress elimination solutions to create awareness, monitor stress levels, and combat short and long term negative impacts of stress using the latest technologies.

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